Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sorry that it has been so long....

since I've posted. There have been many changes in our house, but a lot of them are hidden behind the walls, so I feel like there's not much to see. But, since Penny requested it, I guess I'll post some updates on the house.

We have a new fridge! Goodbye old white, small fridge. Hello new, stainless, big fridge. And look! It fits! :)

Here's the kitchen, with it's new color and no wallpaper.

The dining room, with new color.

The living room. The TV will be leaving soon to its permanent home in the den.

The guest bathroom, with nicely colored walls (no wallpaper) and brown vanity (instead of pink)
 Here's our master bedroom: painted, pictures hung, 2-inch plantation blinds hung, curtains hung, decorative fabric over the windows. I'm pretty proud of how it turned out :)

And then my camera died... :( Sorry! But everything is really coming along nicely, as you all can see. I finally scraped up all the carpet padding in the hallway, so there is NO MORE CARPET in the house (until Wednesday, when we get the den carpeted)!

Maybe I'll take some more pictures later.