Thursday, March 17, 2011

I've been thinking...

...about my father a lot lately. It's probably just the time of year, but I just keep thinking of all the fun memories I have of him. So, this post goes out to all my family members, and friends, who have memories of my dad. What is your favorite memory? And, it can't be something you heard, it has to actually be a memory of your own. Ok, I'm going to start:

One time, Dad and I went bird hunting with Mr. Dean, our Principal/Superintendent. I don't think we were very successful, but we had a good time. At one point, Mr. Dean decided to show his birding expertise. We were looking at some small birds, which had landed in a group of rocks. Mr. Dean informed us that those were "rock wrens." With a completely straight face. Dad and I looked at each other, but didn't say anything. After we parted, we had a good laugh. Rock wrens? Seriously? I mean, if they had landed in a tree, would they have been "tree wrens"? After that, whenever we saw an unknown small bird on a rock, it was a rock wren. Or if it was in a tree, a tree wren. Or on a bush, a bush wren. No one else thinks that's funny, but to this day, when I see a small bird, I call it a _____ wren.

Ok, your turn. Tell me your favorite memory. :)