Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Can anyone guess what I did today?

Wow, you guys are good. Yep, I sure did watch the boys today. It has been a while since they've been over to Mimi's house, and we had a lot of fun. First, we went outside and played with the "hammers" (my croquet mallets). The boys even helped me harvest some beans from the garden before we got attacked by mosquitoes! That was fun. We raced inside, watched a little bit of Ice Age, and then the boys got antsy. So, what did I do? I got out the boxes! It is amazing what two boxes and some imagination can do, isn't it?

Let's see:
You can build a fort....

You can row a boat...

Then, Preston said he wanted to make a necklace, which was something they had done the last time they were here. I got out the pipe cleaners, and beads, and we started making necklaces. But Parker decided he wanted some glasses, so I made some for him, and some for me. But of course, he refused to stand still enough to let me take a picture of him, however, I did manage to get a cute one of Preston.

And, of course, I had to try the glasses on too!

We had such a fun time today, and the frozen yogurt afterward sure was a great treat!

Since I haven't posted any pics of myself lately, I thought I would share a couple that Matt took down on the beach of me a couple weeks ago. We had a good time :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ok Ok Ok, Matt's Pictures

Allright so rumor has it that I did 2 rounds of P90X with Pam, well sort of just before the last one finished I injured my foot and had to spend 2 weeks on crutches and took an extra two weeks off. The second round I only did the strength workouts and none of the cardio work outs. So after 180 days here are my results I am up 15 lbs and mainly just feel awesome:

Since then we have finished our P90X and now we are moving on to a strength training program and here is my favorite move the Hang Clean & Press:

and not to be out done here is Pam doing them to! sorry for the shakyness but I just finished my set and was tired!


Monday, July 13, 2009

My 106 hour work week


Phew, let me tell you some more about my Navy life. 3 weeks ago I was at work for 106 hours in 7 days, considering that there are only 168 hours in a week I pretty much hate my life in the Navy. Now lets also consider that my commute is 26 miles each way (because my ship moved from the Norfolk Station which is a mere 10 miles from me) and it takes and hour to get to and from work because of traffic, that sucks up about 10 more hours of my time.

Now let me tell you about what I am doing at work that is so important for me to stay there so much... well for about 18 hours any given week I sit and stare a indication panel that shows the status of the electric system, that is about the most rewarding part of my job right there... A majority of my time is spent sitting in a chair doing absolutely nothing, and I mean nothing, I stare at the wall, I stare at the clock, I wait to be tasked with something important... oh wait I just got tasked, sweet I get to hole punch 350 pages of paper! wow I am so awesome and talented... next task.. hmmm oh make 500 copies, then throw them all out because we changed our mind. sweet.. ok back to sitting and doing absolutely nothing.

Wait now it is time to clean... I have been assigned a 3 foot by 3 foot by 7 foot piece of the ship that I have to clean for 1 hour a day... hmm let me tell you that I pretty much could clean that little piece of the ship in about 2 minutes, but that doesn't mean I can stop... NO NO NO, must clean, and clean more, you're doing a good job if the paint starts coming off the wall because you clean it so much... hmmm is this hour over yet? Oh wait some Khaki wearing person has decided that we aren't cleaning hard enough, so we need to clean for two hours today... Sweet..

Awesome it is the end of the work day... I survived let me just check with my bosses to make sure I can leave to go home, since it is the end of the work day. Wait Wait Wait, the end of the work is the time when they assign us more work, so while I was sitting around all day doing absolutely nothing and could have been working no one bothered to tell us what really needed to be done. Instead they wait until 4pm and say "yea while the rest of the ship is going home right now you can leave until you do *insert dumb task here* and it needs to be perfect" ohh and this task could be accomplished by ONE person but we are going make all 12 of you stay just in case... Sweet...

Ah 6pm rolls around and we have finally completed said dumb task finally time to go home... Now I have to walk 2 1/2 miles to my car because the ship has no parking near it.. sweet... oh yea and the tunnel is backed up again... sweet...

ahh home at last it's 7pm did I mention that I left for work at 0500 this morning... sweet.. enough time to eat, kiss my wonderful wife, and go to bed to rinse wash and repeat the next day...

So welcome to my miserable life where I am essentially a slave, I mean before we leave on the weekends we have to fill out a sheet of paper that says what we are doing for the weekend... Are you serious, I am a 26 year old married man, and I have to fill out a weekend plan before I leave.... oh well I am done, just wanted to share with you my life, maybe next time I will write about how we waste thousands of your tax dollars everyday for no reason.


Friday, July 10, 2009

I feel like I need to

Blog. It has been way too long. I think I've been in kind of a rut lately. Yes, I've lost weight. Yes, I look good. But, holy cow! I was exercising almost every day for the last 180 days! That takes a lot out of a person. And yet, since I've sort of been taking a break lately and starting a new routine, I've started to miss my daily workouts. Today, in fact, I decided I would actually "treat" myself to a little Kenpo action. And boy did I need it. That workout makes me sweat like crazy, and I just felt so much better afterward.

So, I got a weird email from a friend asking if I was going to be going to my high school reunion. Huh, well, since I haven't heard anything about it, I hadn't really planned on it. I have definite mixed feelings about the whole thing. Ten long years have gone by since high school, but I'm not sure if it has been long enough for me. I never felt like I belonged there, at least not until the very end of my senior year. Up to that point I felt like an outsider. Most of my classmates
a. were related,
b. had been together since Kindergarten.
It was really difficult for me to make friends. Which sucks, because I would have LIKED to have been friends with a lot of the kids in class. Maybe it was harder since there were 15 guys to 5 girls in the class (ok, so the numbers kind of changed as it went along, but that's how it started out). I guess I'm not saying that I didn't have ANY friends in high school, because now that I look back on it, I remember having good times with a lot of my classmates. It is just that, in the last 10 years, there are very few people I went to high school with that I've stayed in any sort of contact with. It might have to do with my changing belief system over the years. Or the fact that now I'm a navy vet and don't have a lot in common with the majority of the kids who stayed in ID, got married, had kids, whatever. But, regardless of all that, there is a part of me that wants to go back to Bancroft in my little red dress, and blow them all away with my smokin' hot body! (: You know what I mean? That, and the fact that I've been sort of successful: nuclear electrician, bachelor's degree, working on master's degree, homeowner, world traveler, that sort of thing. I feel like my life is exactly how I wanted it to be, even though in high school I wouldn't have been able to tell you how I wanted my life to be. In fact, I would have told you exactly what you expected to hear: marry an RM, have kids, blah, blah, blah. Not that I'm saying that life isn't good for others! It is! I'm just so happy with the way my life is right now (how many times can I say that in one blog post?) that I guess I never imagined my life to be this good. I never imagined that I could have such control over my life. That I could grow and make changes. I always thought that I was one way, and that was the way I was always going to be. Destined, I think is the word. Well, thank goodness I met Matthew Emerson, and he showed me that I can do ANYTHING and if I don't like something about myself (like my weight) then I can CHANGE it.

And if there's anything I've learned in my experience with Matthew and with my studies in developmental psychology (which has been sparse, but we get some in my education classes-must figure out how kids develop cognitively and socially, you know?) it is that we can always be better. There are always improvements we can make. Nothing is set in stone. Choice is yours. Take it!

Ok, well I stayed up exactly 1 hour later than I wanted to, but I still have plenty of time to get a good night's sleep before Matthew comes home from work and we start our next workout. I'm SO ready! :)

Good night everyone.

Friday, July 3, 2009

6 Months into a New Life

Pam and I have changed our lives a lot this year, we have made fitness and health a priority and it has been wonderful. I would like to share with you Pam's pictures after round 2 of P90X.

She has worked so hard and pushed her self so far it is awe inspiring. For 95% of the days in this 6 months she woke up and sweated for an hour straight to achieve her results. She inspires me on a daily basis. I am proud of you sweetheart.


PS: I forgot to mention she has worked off 1/3 of her body fat! The final measurements put her at 23.3% down from exactly 33.3% when she started, how awesome is that!