Wednesday, December 7, 2011

One example of bad leadership from our EDMC: MMCM Phillips

Browsing through my old e-mails found this quality little gem sent by the Engineering Department Master Chief, one of the higher ranking officials on the USS Enterprise (CVN-65), MMCM Phillips. This is one reason why I left the Navy, to have the option to quit when yelled at for someone else screw ups:

"Subject: Liberty call is 1800...
Message: for all CPOs, LPOs, and WCS until SFIMS is un-screwed. I and the CHENG are here going through this @#% database and frankly, it is not our job. There are almost 300 late to start jobs. Be prepared tomorrow to explain each one to me. We will meet at 1600 in the RT upper trailer. CPOs, WCS, LPOs all present.

Subject: You can't go home until 6pm
Message: For all cranky old leaders, cranky young leaders, and 18years olds with enough brains to be in charge of a work shop, until our work tracking database is not *bleeped* up any more (you can't go home). Me and the guy who is my boss are going through this *bleeped* database and we shouldn't have to even though we are responsible for the entire Engineering department. There are almost 300 late start jobs (the database tells me an exact number but I choose to round up to sound important). Be prepared tomorrow to explain each one to my grumpy face while I ignore your legitimate reasons and then make you feel stupid for each one. Even though I said tomorrow I want all of you to be in this portable trailer to yell and scream even to make my self feel better. Everyone will be present.
PS: I am showing total dis-regard for you and your family, and I don't care at all if your work center has done it's job and you have done your job, you will be yelled at along with everyone else.
PSS: Have a nice day shipmate...