Wednesday, August 17, 2011

We are doing it!!!

For those of you who have known us for any amount of time, you know that Matt and I were planning on taking a *small* bike trip across the country last year. Our plan was to ride from Virginia to Washington (state) and then maybe on down to California. Well, those plans were dashed/put on hold when Matt got his most excellent job right away after the navy. forward to just a few weeks ago, when Matt was looking at the time he has available to take off from work, kind of a use it or lose it situation. He had several weeks saved up, so.....we decided we are finally going to go on our bike tour!!!! Our plan is to ride from Canada to Mexico, along the Pacific coast. Just shy of 2000 miles. :) In September, we'll fly to Seattle, hitch a ride to the border, and begin our journey, hoping to finish up by November. I'm getting super excited. We were looking at the gear we have for the trip last night, trying to think of what else we need to buy, and it started to hit me. This is going to really happen! We'll be camping out most of the way, and expect to take about 5-6 weeks to complete the tour. If we can average 50 miles a day, we'll be golden! Our plan is to take all our camping gear on our bikes, and only stay in hotels once a week or so. Crazy, huh?
Anyways, sorry that my updates have been sporadic at best. I'll have to get Matt to show you pics of the bathroom, since it turned out fantastic. Still some finishing work to be done. Oh, and we had lots of family visit, which was pretty awesome, too. Gwen is starting to settle in (she's living with us now) and it already feels like the natural thing, having her here ;)
Well, that's about it. Should get started on dinner, soon.