Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ok Ok Ok, Matt's Pictures

Allright so rumor has it that I did 2 rounds of P90X with Pam, well sort of just before the last one finished I injured my foot and had to spend 2 weeks on crutches and took an extra two weeks off. The second round I only did the strength workouts and none of the cardio work outs. So after 180 days here are my results I am up 15 lbs and mainly just feel awesome:

Since then we have finished our P90X and now we are moving on to a strength training program and here is my favorite move the Hang Clean & Press:

and not to be out done here is Pam doing them to! sorry for the shakyness but I just finished my set and was tired!



  1. Ok, I must admit, it is pretty awesome watching us do those hang, clean, and presses. :) We look GOOD!

  2. dang, matt, you're hot! (i can say that, right?)