Saturday, September 5, 2009

Since Kate doesn't have a camera...

I'll post some pics from our recent outing to the zoo.

So, this morning I decided that I would try to weed my garden this morning. It is starting to look more like a garden, don't you think?

But then, I saw this...

And decided that I didn't really want to weed anymore.

Can you see it?

How's this?

Yes, Kate, this is the same type of spider you had at your house, but it is smaller. I almost put my face right in its web before I saw it. :( Needless to say, I ran away screaming, and I had to force myself to go out there and take a picture of it, just so I could share with you all...

Have a great day, everyone. Those picked weeds are going to stay there until Matt gets home tomorrow. I'm NOT going out back again today!


PS. Oh, by the way, I opened my windows last night to let some fresh air in, and the house smells so fresh this morning! It is still cool right now, but I guess I should close them before it warms up too much...and maybe turn the AC back on....

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