Friday, May 3, 2013

April has flown by

Just way too quickly! I'm trying to think of all the things that happened in the last month....well, let me try....

March 27th, the Watsons came for a visit. It was Jheriko's spring break, and Demarko's leave, so of course they wanted to get out of the yucky Pacific Northwest weather and enjoy some Southern California sunshine. I think they were not disappointed. Earlier in the day, Ryan and fiance' Kandis came up from San Diego, and we took a quick tour of LA. Then headed back home, (getting a flat tire on the!) and I cooked us all up a spaghetti dinner. We finished the evening off with a bit of Wii and visiting.

The next day, Ryan and Kandis headed back to San Diego, and the Watsons and I headed out for our own LA adventure. We hit up Train Town, first, which I can't believe I've never been to before. 
 Then up to Griffith observatory. Of course the obligatory picture with the Hollywood sign in the background.
 We headed back home, the kids and Demarko went to the park, and Jill and I went grocery shopping. We tried to relax, because Friday was going to be a long day....Knott's Berry Farm!

April 1: Knott's Berry Farm. We were some of the first people to the park in the morning, and we were some of the last people to leave at night! We got to see Snoopy and Woodstock :)

 Gwen survived the Ferris Wheel (Jill did to. She kept saying to Jheriko "Stop rocking!!!" and to Dillon "Hold on tight!!!)

 Dillon wanted his picture with Peppermint Patty!
 And Snoopy!
 Saturday, March 30th, we did some more exploring around LA. We visited Hollywood, did the walk of fame, Grumman's Chinese theater, and had lunch.
 Then we headed over to the La Brea Tar Pits.

Sunday, the Watsons headed down to San Diego to hang out at Peggy's. I met back up with them on Thursday, April 4th, and we went to the San Diego Zoo. Evidently I got one picture all day. It was a ton of fun, thought!
Then, Friday, April 5th, we went to Cabrillo National Monument, in San Diego, and explored the tide pools. 

I skedaddled back to LA that afternoon, since Matt was coming back from Minnesota that evening. Boy, was I exhausted after all that driving :)

Saturday, April 6th, I played bingo for a charity event for my neighbor Yvonne's birthday. I've never played bingo before, and I won! Twice! Had a great time :)

Saturday April 13th, we celebrated Gwen's boyfriend's birthday with a trip to Huntington Gardens and a dinner party at my house.

April 18th, Matt and I drove down to Hollywood and enjoyed a Bad Religion concert. They were awesome! Then, Friday morning, I drove down to San Diego to visit Maura and her (soon to be) fiance' Scott. We went to the beach, boogy boarded, and had a blast. (I got a sunburn) We had tacos for dinner, and went to see Oblivion. Saturday, Peggy, Maura, Scott, and I went sea kayaking in La Jolla, which was amazing. Then we had lunch and I headed home.

Sunday morning, April 21st, Matt and I participated in CicLAvia, where LA shuts down some of the roads to cars, opens them up to cycles and foot traffic. It's like a carnival, and was really fun. I'm glad we got to participate. We took the subway from North Hollywood, and rode around for a few hours. Then we had to get back, so we could pack and get on the road, headed to Sacramento for the week.

Sacramento (Rancho Cordova) was fun. Matt had training all day, Monday through Friday, so I tried to keep myself occupied. I explored the fish hatchery, historic Fulsom, the Fulsom zoo, and even got a little bit of shopping in. Oh, and Matt saw his first wild turkey! Matt and I ate out at an amazing restaurant on Tuesday night, Waterboys. I had the best steak of my life there. Seriously.

On Friday, Matt finished up, and we headed over to Pleasonton to meet up with a great friend, Matt Timmermann, who happened to be there for training as well. We hung out and got dinner and caught a movie, and the next day visited the Winchester House of Mystery. I've always wanted to go there! 

And then we headed home! And now it's Friday, May 3rd, and I can't believe April is no longer. Lots of fun things in the works for May, June, and July. You'll just have to stay tuned, I guess :)


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  1. sounds like a busy month! thanks for sharing. i had no idea you had done so much :)