Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Amirillo By Morning

Well, I have a few minutes, and thought that I would show you the few pictures of my trip so far. Day 1 was terribly exciting with 2 flat tires. But we made it through: VA, NC, SC, and into GA. We stopped in NC to see Marie and Jody (but didn't take any pics), and Danielle and her fiance. We had dinner at IHOP and paused for a couple pictures:

Then we moved on to GA, but didn't quite make it to Uncle Phil's house. We stayed in a hotel and pushed on to Cartersville on Monday morning.
Monday, after we visited, we got onto the road around noon. We got a new spare tire, and tried to make it to Little Rock Arkansas. Unfortunately, we hit a snow storm and had to stop for the night in Tennessee.
Tuesday was our most productive day. We left TN, entered AR with nice clear roads, and drove for 13 hours. That got us through AR, OK, and into TX :)
Of course, we stopped at a Cracker Barrel in Little Rock for lunch.
And then, when I got a little sleepy, around 2 pm, Mom drove for an hour for me. And, here's the proof: 

 So far, we've had a fun trip, and we are still getting along well. Our plan for today is to eat the free continental breakfast, get on the road by 7, drive for about 11 hours, and make it to Flagstaff, Arizona. We'll see what happens. I got excited last night when I realized that I'm only 18 hours away. If I do 11 today, then we can make it to my new house with just 7 hours of driving on Thursday. After being afraid that we wouldn't make it by Saturday, it is good to know that we made up so much time yesterday.

Well, I'll try to take more pictures. Mom and I are really bad about that. We'll be in Amarillo this morning, and all last evening I was singing that song... :)



  1. Reminds me of a trip with mom a LONG time ago, from Idaho to New Orleans, at this exact same time of year. Pam, you were there too, in the back seat with Penny and Kate. We had to fight with you and Penny to get you to wear your seatbelts!!!! (Mom kept saying "It's the you want to get arrested??) Hope the rest of your trip goes well. Buckle up!!! It's the law!!! Love, Lani

  2. I am so proud of you for stopping at Cracker Barrel (sniff)! Smiling from ear-to-ear! So glad your trip has been good. Miss you already!