Sunday, January 31, 2010

After the Storm


Well, here's what it looks like this morning. Still snowed in. Doesn't look like TOO many cars have gone down the road. I think that it will probably mostly melt today. It was fun while it lasted, even if I didn't venture out into the snow. I don't have the appropriate footwear for tromping around in the snow. Sneakers don't quite cut it :) I spent the day yesterday hanging out, finishing Kate's scarf, watching movies, and hoping the power didn't go out.  I also had 3 very great phone conversations: my Mom, Rene', and my husband. It was very relaxing, and I enjoyed myself. But, I felt bad about not moving around much, so this morning I woke up and worked out. I tried to do a DVD workout, but for some reason, my laptop doesn't want to play DVD's right now. So...I got onto Exercise TV and did a  Biggest Loser Bootcamp workout. It was decently challenging, and I feel good about getting moving.

Well, even though it is bright and sunny today, I'm probably not going to leave the house until the roads clear. So, it looks like it is another chill day today. In more ways than one! :)



  1. good for you...stay inside and enjoy the quiet...

  2. I always feel good when I do a little exercisetv workout. i hate the gym and i am quite sedentary (and I'm not proud of that fact but I happen to be one of those people who is naturally rail-thin... but thats not an excuse not to work out.) I love the yoga and Pilates videos on exercisetv OnDemand but my favorites are the FREE mini-workouts on their website