Friday, January 8, 2010

Quick Update on Riggs

Peggy asked an interesting question, one I don't know the answer to yet. I'm still researching whether Nathaniel had any children with his second or third wives. If so, we WOULD have some distant relatives in Utah. But I googled "Nathaniel Riggs" and found this website that has YDNA and mtDNA records. Look closely at the "Bethuel Riggs YDNA descent" Bethuel and Nancy Lee are our ancestors. Then click on "Nathaniel" and see Nathaniel's line. It obviously doesn't go down to us, since we are descended from Stephen's daughter, not his son... :) Pretty cool!

Ooohhh! I just found a site that has evidence of Nathaniel and Anna Reynolds having a son: Nathaniel Riggs. Born in Heber, Utah. Don't know how accurate this site is, I haven't had a chance to verify that it is legitimate. So, there you go, Peggy. Just for you :)
And, of course, he adopted Hannah Parson's daughter Elizabeth, who carried on the Riggs name...see here and scroll down to "Hannah Parsons". You can see that Elizabeth was born in 1840, while Nathaniel and Hannah were married in 1851.

Oh, and evidently we are connected to Charlemagne...


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