Wednesday, January 20, 2010


My MOM is coming to help me drive across! I'm so excited. We bought her plane ticket last night. She'll fly into Norfolk, then fly out of Los Angeles. What a great mother I have, willing to drive over 2000 miles with her daughter. I hope we have a good time. I'm hoping to see the Grand Canyon, one of the landmarks of this country that I haven't seen yet. I'm excited! Even if it means sticking around for an extra week in VA. That just means I'll get to hang out with Kate, her kids, and Kristin for that much longer before I leave! :)



  1. Pam, You are a great person to drive across country with! You two are so lucky. Are you going to push for a 1000 mile day? =) Love you lil' sister, see you in a week!

  2. That's great to have someone driving with you, especially your mom! You'll have plenty of time to catch up. Oh, and driving several hundred miles out of the way to see the Grand Canyon is SO worth it! If you guys have the time, I would recommend taking a guided tour.
    Have a great trip!