Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Windows 7 Firewall Service will not start

So let us say you are having trouble getting the Windows 7 Firewall service to start, and you have googled everything and tried it all to no avail. This worked for me:

Find and download ProcMon.exe

Apply a filter with the "result" = "ACCESS DENIED"

Try starting the firewall service from the services portion of the control panel, you will get errors like below if there is a registry problem.

If it is a registry problem, got to the folder in regedit with the problem, right click on it and choose permissions.

choose add. and enter "NT Service\MpsSvc" and click check names . Then give MpsSvc full control of those keys. Then try running the firewall service again, you should see fewer Access denied messages, keep going until you get all of the keys and have no more access denied messages. At this point the firewall service should start if it doesn't you have more problems.

Good Luck, this is a PITA.


In addittion this will fix the  Diagnostic Policy Service from not running with Code 5 errors as well...

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