Monday, November 10, 2008


Don't know why, but this thing left me giggling. Ok, literally laughing out loud. :)


  1. okay, sorry, that didn't make me laugh! it made me want to PUKE! uuhhggg.
    well, then it made me laugh.
    but, i wanted to puke first.
    then i laughed.

  2. I must say, I agree with Aunt Kate.

  3. I guess I was just laughing because, well, that turkey is HUGE! I mean, it's bigger than Parker and Preston combined. What do you do with a turkey that big? How do you pick it up? Where do you put it? I don't have a pan big enough, that's for sure. And it wouldn't fit in my oven. Oh, and what was that guy doing standing outside the window? That seemed a little shady. But could you imagine getting hit with a giant turkey? :) I saw this commercial on TV and I just started laughing, and laughing, and laughing. I mean, yes, it would be gross to really be touching a turkey that big. But look past that. I just couldn't help laughing at the ridiculousness of it. :)


  4. =) and another laugh in the morning.
    Great talking to you this morning... great way to wake up.

  5. yes, it did make me laugh. you know how i am. it kinda reminds me of the commercial, though, of the lady washing the counter with a chicken leg.....comparing it to using a sponge! yuck!
    but, that was a HUGE turkey. humm....

  6. i just showed the commercial to ben. he laughed...a lot! :)
    it still made me want to puke! :)

    ahh...i should be in bed. i'm having a baby tomorrow!

  7. Who is Ishnar? Mom

  8. Mom, Ishnar is your oldest granddaughter, Tansy.

    Love, Pam.