Monday, August 30, 2010

This weekend

So, this weekend has been decently relaxing. I received my list of students: I will have 10 students; 8 boys, 2 girls. 1 first grader, 3 second graders, 1 fourth grader, 4 fifth graders, and 1 sixth grader. Four students will be tutored in Math, the rest in Language Arts. Unfortunately, my laptop, which I need for this job, decided to corrupt its hard-drive, and Matt has spent the weekend fixing it. I think he has been successful; it is updating as we speak. All my documents and pictures are on his computer now. That works for me; I don't have to worry about the kids accidentally deleting anything during a tutor session.

Before my computer decided to die, I got it in my head to try a project. I saw on One Pretty Thing a post by Little Black Teapot  for an adorable sock dog. Here's what I got so far:

What do you think? Pretty cute, huh? I think so! Oh, and the one on the left is definitely a mouse. Not sure how that happened. It started life as a dog....The second one is decidedly more dog like :)

Well, Matt stayed up until about 330am fixing my computer, and he was up around 730am, so he's already off to bed. I guess I need to head there soon! If my computer is for sure fixed, I'll start calling my parents to set up first sessions tomorrow. And maybe I'll set up a sewing class with the guys we got the sewing machine from. Also thinking of a spin class....I've got 4 unused paid-for sessions. Should use them up!

Well, good night, all.



  1. Excellent job! Loving the mouse variation. Thank you so much for linking to me and showing me your final product :)

  2. busy busy busy! good luck setting up sessions with your students. the mouse and dog are super cute!

  3. You know you have a great niece that would LOVE looking at the cool black & white mouse? lol.... Love you, little sister....