Saturday, December 11, 2010

Two for Two

Ok, so I was going to post about Matt's birthday, and how successful I was at getting him the gifts he wanted, and post pictures of it. Then, I realized that that would be silly, since I only got pictures of him opening up the chocolate before my camera's battery died. So....I guess I will just tell you about his exciting gifts instead.

He really wanted an air compressor, so I got a great deal on a small one :) but what he really wanted was a hammer. Not just any hammer. A nice framing hammer with a nail starter on it. That's a little bit of magnet on the head, so you can lay the nail down, and start the nail without smashing your fingers. He's so in love with that thing. I'm glad I listened to him when he told me what he would like.

Oh, and I also got him a small rock tumbler. We always find cool rocks on our excursions, and the don't look nearly as good when we get them home. So, I thought the tumbler would be cool to polish them up a bit :) He's got some tumbling out in the garage as I write this.

I guess the most exciting news, at least for me, happened when I climbed on the scale this morning. I've been working out nearly consistently for about the past month, and it is FINALLY starting to pay off as far as numbers go. I've been noticing my energy level go up, as well as my clothes starting to fit better again. But, as I'm sure is true with most of us, the numbers on the scale hold a magical sway over me. My weight fluctuates, up a bit, down a bit, but for about a year now it hasn't gone below a certain number...Until this morning, that is!! I'm back, back again! Back to the 120's!!! Whew! I know that my journey is not over, has just begun. I don't want to obsess about my weight. I just want to be healthy, have tons of energy to do the things I want, and feel good about myself. I just think I could do all that and be the number on the scale I want as well, you know? I'm slowly making progress to my goal, which culminates with the trip to Belize in a month.

Wait a minute, a month? Man! I haven't even started getting ready for that! Shoot, better put another thing on my list of stuff to do :)

Well, let me get to it then. Cheerio!!!


I'll leave you with this image. On our hike a couple weeks ago, Matt and I stumbled across a truck that seemed to have a bit of trouble.  There was a tow line still attached, like they tried to pull it out. It's pretty well hidden, I must say. :) It's really rugged up there, I'm not sure how I would have felt about driving along the top of THAT mountain, and I've ridden across some pretty rugged country in my day!

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