Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Do not do businss with Tri North Lighting

I just wanted to put a brief review of my experience with Tri North Lighting. I purchased (well am still attempting to purchase) several Phillips Profile Powercore under cabinet lights on December 23rd. I understand that this was the holiday season, so I patiently waited.... and waited... And finally in the first and second week of January I attempted to contact the company through the website. After 3 attempts and no responses I called them. They did answer the phone and mumbled how that was weird and it should have shipped by now, then said ohh it is back ordered and should ship on Monday.

I wait another week or so and e-mail to get no response, so I call again and they say it should ship tomorrow. Finally I receive notification that my product has shipped. I get excited and it arrives... only to find out the wiring components are back ordered along with 1/3rd of my lights. The interesting thing is that the lights were shipped direct to me from another company called "Color Kinects" and they included a handy Packing List, which had on it an "order date" of Janurary 30th. So this leads me to believe that they never even really placed my order with their distributor who appears to be Wiedamark based on the Packing List. Instead they sat on the order and didn't bother to do anything. Now this is speculation on my part, but the great part of having no contact with their customer service means that I get to make as many assumptions about the company as I like.

So here I sit on 2/19/2013 (just shy of two months after my initial order), I still have no way of wiring the lights that they did send me, and am missing lights as well. I have nobody to really contact to find out how long these products are back ordered, nor do they seem willing to answer any questions. The only thing I can do is broadcast my frustration to the Interet about how HORRIBLE the service is from the people at Tri North Lighting, also doing buisiness as: Neon Lights, www.ledchristmaslighting.com, ledneonlight.com, and probably more dubious names. With their stellar BBB rating of B- and 23 complaints I hope you avoid them like I will in the future...


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  1. Color Kinetics is the manufacturer for this product. They do periodiacally have backorders.