Friday, February 1, 2013

The remodel continues

Slowly but surely we are making this kitchen happen.
This first picture is the start of the wall cabinets going up.

And now, today! We have all wall cabinets hung, all but one base cabinet installed, a sink, faucet dishwasher and cooktop with most of the countertops in! Its looking great!!!

We need to finish tiling the closet (not in this picture) so we can grout this weekend. And hopefully get someone out to measure for our real countertops sometime in the near future. The counters on right now are from Ikea, and while they are fine, they're not our forever counters. Oh, and we need to think about lighting, like where to put lights. And install the vent hood for the cooktop. All the light colored wood on the sides you see will be covered with the same color as the cabinet fronts. It's so much bigger than our old kitchen! :)

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