Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Grade Update

I'm not sure who cares, but I just checked my grade, and I got a 109% on that test we took today. Not too shabby for not really studying. I love, love, love class every day. That way, I don't forget the material, and I don't have to waste time outside class studying. :) I think my class average is over a 100%. Yep, that's me for ya. Semi-worried about a test, and then blow it out of the water.
Kind of like my Biology lab practical I did last week...I thought I did horrible. I prepared myself for a C when I went to class. And then we got our scores back and the teacher had been REALLY kind, and I ended up with over 100%. *sigh* I work myself up over nothing, it seems. :) So, still on track for Dean's List this summer!


  1. Ok, I think you may be the smartest one of us yet. Any more word on THE WEEKEND? =)

  2. I've heard rumors of maybe sometime in July? Like toward the end? But I'm not sure, and the two sisters mainly involved are traveling around the Pacific Northwest right now. So I'm not sure. We'll have to see. :)