Friday, June 27, 2008

A Little Afternoon Rain Shower

So, today started out hot, and muggy, and before we knew it, the power went out and the sky opened up. I think Kate was going to the waterpark. I hope that went ok.

And then......the real storm comes.

:) I really do hope Kate and the kids weren't caught in this storm. It knocked a bunch of tree limbs down, and the street flooded (like it always does). And it's still going!

Hmm...what am I going to have for dinner? I have some turkey breasts, maybe I'll make some crusted "turkey" romano, (Matt's favorite dish from Cheesecake Factory is crusted chicken romano). He's not hungry, but I'm starving, so we'll compromise, and I'll wait about an hour to start cooking.

I can hear fire truck sirens in the distance. I bet some lightning hit some houses. Dang, it was a fast moving storm, didn't even see the clouds build up. They came out of nowhere.


  1. I cannot believe that storm! Totally amazing. We might get something like that once a year. I do not envy you though. We are finally in the 90's, yeah :)

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