Friday, December 12, 2008

clover leaf rolls

I decided that I would make some rolls. Don't they look yummy? I made the dough using half bread maker flour and half organic wheat flour in my bread machine, and then cut the dough into little chunks, rolled the chunks, and placed 3 balls of dough into each cup of a muffin pan. They had to rise a little longer, and cook for 12 minutes, then BAM! Yummy rolls. I had to sample them, of course. I think next time I'll use plain white flour instead of wheat, just to see how they turn out. But it was so easy!


PS. Oh, and I got a notice from an old friend from the Navy living in Idaho Falls. She was recently featured in the "River City Weekly" for her Psychedelicatessen, a hippy van where she makes bagels. It is pretty cool. Check it out here on page 15 of 24. Way cool.


  1. oooo, those look YUMMY!!! how come you didn't share? huh? huh?

    it was AWESOME going to you COLLEGE GRADUATION! i'm glad i was able to be there.

    and the word verification i have too type in is foolog. how funny is that?

  2. hehe.I have "ricic". It sounds like someone hiccuping, doesn't it? Thanks for coming to my graduation. It was nice to have you there. And I'm glad Paisley was so good, too. :)