Monday, January 19, 2009

Boy, what a day!

So, yesterday morning, Matt got home from duty at around 7:30 am. He went online and checked our money, like he does every morning. He noticed a strange transaction that went through at 5:55am yesterday morning. Hmmm... He didn't recognize the name of the company, so he got a little concerned. He called USAA (yes, he was able to speak to a representative at 7:30 am EST!) and he still couldn't figure out what the charge was. Maybe someone was committing fraud? Well, not to take any chances, we decided to put first a hold on the credit card, then cancel it altogether. Fortunately, about 15 minutes later, he figured it out. About a month and a half ago, Matt ordered some waterproofing membrane for our guest bathroom shower. The company finally decided to charge the credit card. Well, in their defense, they don't charge us until they get the invoice from Fed Ex, and I guess Fed Ex was a little slow in getting it to them, so it wasn't their fault exactly. And they charged us about a dollar less than they originally quoted, so that is why Matt didn't recognize the charge amount. Matt hurried to call back USAA, but they had already canceled the card. But at least they won't have to do a fraud investigation.

Crazy, huh?

Then, we thought about doing our daily workout, Yoga, but we were starving. We're quickly running out of food that we can eat, but we had some ingredients for shakes, so we had breakfast. We couldn't work out right after breakfast, so we waited until later that night to do it. I love yoga, have I ever mentioned that? I took a yoga class over the summer, and it was exciting to see my flexibility increase in a short amount of time. We went grocery shopping, which wasn't too bad. I did forget to get broccoli (we're going to have Beef and Broccoli with Miso soup sometime this week) so we need to go back sometime today for the broccoli. Other than that, we had a good day. It actually started to spit snow a little bit. Kind of weird. But even weirder was waking up this morning to the weather report that we will probably get snow tonight and tomorrow. 2-5 inches! What? We've never had that much snow since the first day I got here and there was a freak snow storm. That was in 2004, so it has been 5 years. It has snowed a little, but not enough to stick around.

Anyways, I have a bunch of homework to do, in case we actually have school tomorrow. I'm excited for tomorrow anyways. I don't remember being excited about a presidential inauguration before, but I'm excited this year. I wish I could go up to DC for it, but I have school/work, and Matt won't get off anyways. Plus, they're not really letting cars into the city, so it would be really complicated to get there and back....

Ok, off to homework. Talk to you later.


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  1. You were wise to be cautious. I don't know if you remember that someone was trying to get credit cards in Russ' name when we lived in VA. It was a pain to deal with, but everything turned out ok.
    Good luck this week with school.