Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow Day

Ok, so it is 6:14 am and I just got confirmation that ODU is closed today! How great is that? I was worried about going to the daycare, doing my thing, coming back, making lunch, getting some homework done, watching the inauguration, going back to school, getting home ridiculously late, and trying to get some laundry done and clean up the house, all in one day! Now, I can relax, get the laundry done, work on homework, watch the inauguration, and just enjoy having another day off. I know that this makes it into a 4 day weekend, but, hey, like I said yesterday, it hasn't snowed here since 2004. So we're definitely due. We're supposed to get anywhere from 1 inch to 4 inches, but if you think about it, I don't think Virginia Beach even owns a snow plow. So, clearing off roads is a little tricky...
I cut my finger last night while I was cutting some chicken. It was a pretty deep cut, which seemed to have closed nicely, but now that I'm typing, it has reopened. :(

Hey, on Facebook, an old friend tracked me (and Penny and Kate) down. Angie Miller! Her family moved into the old Berrett trailer (the old Merrill trailer) when I was in 4th grade. Angie was in 7th grade. We had such a great time back then. We rode bikes, went swimming, stayed the night, played games, camped, everything you could think of. It was sad when we moved, because we kind of grew out of touch. I got a chance to visit her in Boise my Junior year of high school. I think she had one child. Now she has 3. It is so much fun to reconnect with people after so many years.

Anyways, I'm going to enjoy my snow day. I'll take pictures if we actually get any accumulation (I'm still skeptical). And I'll probably head over to Kate's to help the boys make snow men. That's all Parker could talk about yesterday. It is weird to think that they have never seen snow before. Most of the kids around here haven't, unless they drive up to the mountains.

Talk to you all later.


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  1. hey, you need to update your blog. i feel like i haven't talked to you all week! eek, what's up with you? Love ya, penny (p.s. you must be really busy and i understand that, i don't mean to harp. :) )