Sunday, January 11, 2009

School starts tomorrow; The vacation is over!

Ok, so I can't believe that my month off of school is over. It was so much fun while it lasted. Matt and I got to spend a lot of time together, which is always good. I know some people like it when their husband or significant other is at work, or on deployment, or just out of the house. I don't know, maybe it is because we don't have kids, but I like to have my husband home with me. It is why I married him; I like to have him around. And I don't feel the need to DO stuff when he's home. We just hang out, get stuff done around the house. Don't get me wrong, we like to do stuff, but we don't need to go out and spend money to have a good time together. In fact, all we need is our bikes, and some warmer weather, and we're good to go (it might snow this week :( ) Anyways, school starts up for me tomorrow. So my schedule is as follows:

For the first month of school-January 12 to February 13, I have the opportunity to work at the Child Development Center (on campus day-care) for one of my classes. I think I will be in the Preschool 1 room, which is 4 year olds, I think. Anyways, I'll be doing that M-F, 8am to noon. Then on Mondays, I have a seminar for that class from noon to 1pm.

Then, for the entire semester:
Tuesday: Class from 4:20-9:55 (two classes)
Wednesday: Class from 4:20-7:00
Thursday: Class from 4:20-7:00

Nice schedule, huh? So that class that I'm working at the daycare for is called "Advanced Classroom Management" and those hours are part of the advanced practicum. Last semester, I had to complete 70 hours total. This semester, I have to complete 150 hours total. But as you can see, the first 75 hours will be gone in a flash. And then I need to do the rest of the hours in a public school. I'm still waiting for my placement. Hopefully I'll have it by the time I'm done at the Child Development Center. I'm hoping to learn some techniques that I can share with Kate to help with Parker's pre-school education. I know she wants to prepare him as well as she can, and I hope I pick up some things. Originally, I was supposed to work with the Pre-Kindergarten or Kindergarten kids, but they asked for volunteers to work with the younger ones, and I raised my hand. I'm interested to see how I'm supposed to teach a lesson to them, let alone a 2 hour lesson as required by the class. Hmmm...I guess we'll have to see, won't we?

Anyways, other than having a terrible head cold and not feeling so well, not much is going on. Matt and I have committed ourselves to fitness and getting into shape. This means that we work out regularly, and have completely changed the way we look at and think about food. I've stumbled across this great online tool, if anyone is interested. It is at the website: . It is a calorie counter, and has tons of cool features. The best part is that it is free online! Isn't the internet a great tool? So, I'm keeping track of what I (we) eat and I think it will be really cool to see where my calories are coming from. I have a heart rate monitor that I wear while I'm working out, so I can see where my calories are going as well.

Ok, well, that's about it. Other than the fact that we went to Parker's THIRD birthday party yesterday. We had an awesome time. Matt took some pictures, so maybe he'll post them sometime. But there was good food (although I didn't eat any of it, except the veggies) good friends, and good fun. Watching Parker open his gifts was priceless! And his little cousins (really Ben's cousins, but they're about the same age) standing around helping him! Well, that was really fun, too. Parker wanted a "Front-loader Birthday Cake" and Donna was able to make one for him! How cool is that? He got so excited when he saw it!

Well, I should get some rest. I have a big day ahead of me tomorrow. I want to get a great start to this semester. Only 3 more to go!!



  1. can't wait for the weekly phone calls. i do miss them!

  2. Wait.....
    Did Parker have THREE birthday parties, or was it his party for his third birthday?
    You'll have to let me know what you think about the daycare, and then tell me how crazy I am to work in one. =)