Monday, May 11, 2009


I don't understand... but in this country you can pretty much kill any one you want... All you have to do is wait for them to get on a bicycle and run them over... It makes me sick to my stomach. Pam and I recently rode in a memorial ride for a cyclist who was killed in Virginia Beach. He was struck from behind and died on the ambulance ride to the hospital. This particular cyclist was riding on the right side of the road, wearing a neon yellow vest with a reflective stripe and had a blinking red light on the rear of his bike.

You should not be able to kill someone and have your only punishment be the "guilt" associated without. If you "did not see" some one wearing a neon yellow/green vest with reflective strips, a bright red light, in your lane of traffic you were being negligent...

So go ahead, find the person you hate most in this world and run them over when they are on a bike, say you didn't see them or that they "swerved" and you will get away no penalties...

Article for reference

Pictures of the memorial ride and the "ghost bike" erected as a memorial.


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