Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Having the boys over for the morning...

I think I'm making a habit of this or something. Let's see, yesterday, the boys came over, today the boys came over, and I'm going to watch them on Saturday too! How cool is that? I'm trying to get as much time in with them before I leave :( We have a lot of fun over here. Parker and Preston love to:
1. play with hammers (my croquet mallets)
2. cut with scissors (my crafting/pinking shears)
3. kick the ball around (my volleyball-not a soccer ball)
4. feed the fish
5. shoot the birds/squirrels (with the mallets that they turn into 'guns')
6. pet the puppy (next-door neighbor's adorable dog)
7. dig in my sand (in between my veggie beds)
8. play games (like mancalla, boggle, yahtzee)
9. watch movies (chicken run, wallace and grommet)
10. eat cereal (although they ate the rest of my cereal today!)

See, they have a lot of fun over here! It is probably a good thing I only keep them for a couple hours, because they would run out of things to do if they were here longer! Today, Kate had a church meeting and she just dropped them off on her way and picked them up on the way back. And boy did we have a good time! Here's some pictures that Parker took (Preston tried to take some pics with my camera, but couldn't quite get it down-pushing the button while pointing takes coordination!)

Look! Parker took a nice one of me!

And here's another good attempt. Just one slight problem with a thumb in the way. No big deal!

Me and Parker-I helped take this one!

I was trying to take a picture of me and Preston, and Preston had decided to put a calculator down my shirt. Why? Hey, I don't ask questions ;)

Ahhh, that's better. He held still for just a minute!

See what Parker thinks is important? The TV of course!

And the back of Preston's head!

Anyways, we had a great time today, once again. I have to keep a few things in my "bag of tricks" so that I can keep them entertained. But I'm glad that I can have them over! And I know it helps Kate out at least a little bit. She doesn't have to worry about them and can focus on her meeting or her exercising! :)

Well, must study. Only one final this semester, and it is tomorrow. I guess I should read the "required reading" huh? :)


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  1. yeah, the boys really love going to your house, too. in the morning, preston's starting to ask, "mimi? mimi?" (which means, "can we go to mimi's house today?"
    and it is a HUGE help to me! :)