Thursday, May 7, 2009

What a busy Thursday :)

So, I got my 30-day P90X measurements taken this morning! Just like I thought, not a whole lot of improvement, but I didn't expect to see dramatic results this early. That, and I don't have a WHOLE lot left to lose. I guess I can post my changes from day one of Round 2:
Weight: -4.8 pounds
Body Fat: -1.5%
Chest: no change
Waist: +.25 inches
Hips: -.75 inches
Right Thigh: -.25 inches
Left Thigh: no change
Right Arm: +.25 inches
Left Arm: -.25 inches
Total inches: -.75 inches

But, things get much better when you consider my numbers from the beginning of Round 1:
Weight: -19.4 pounds
Body Fat: -7.6%
Chest: -3.75 inches
Waist: -4.25 inches
Hips: -3.5 inches
Right Thigh: -2.5 inches
Left Thigh: -2.25 inches
Right Arm: -1.25 inches
Left Arm: -1.25 inches
Total Inches: -18.75 inches

So, just to clarify, since January 1, 2009, I have lost a whopping 19.4 pounds, 18.75 inches, and 7.6% of my body fat! That's almost 16 pounds of just fat that I've lost! I went from wearing a size 10 jeans to wearing size 4 jeans that are too big! (I'm probably in between size 4 and size 2 right now!) Can you believe it? I can't! It is like a dream. I am also ridiculously stronger than I was before this all began. Which is a good thing, b/c my nephews just keep getting bigger, and harder to pick up!

Speaking of nephews, I went over to Kate's to help her with her preschool class today. We had a WHOLE bunch of fun. We learned about the letter "H", the color black, and sound. We made music, sang songs, ate a snack, did the spoon/bell/string trick that Dad showed us when we were little (I think the kids thought it was cool), made rice/pasta shakers with leftover Easter eggs, and painted with "snow" (a mixture of shaving cream and glue). Very fun! I'm glad I was there able to help Kate out.

Well, that's about it. I took my last final for the semester yesterday, and I think I did OK. My teacher, when I went to hand my exam in, said "Man! You really are skinny!" That made me feel good. :) Now I have exactly.....ONE WEEK.....before my first summer semester class starts up. I think I'm in denial about that because I haven't even thought about getting books or looking at what the class is about. I don't even know for sure what the class is! :) So far, I've received two of the four grades for the semester-both A's. I'm crossing my fingers on the other two; hopefully I get A's in those as well. We shall see.

Ok, well, I have a Dr.'s appointment in about an hour. I guess I should get ready to go.



  1. Way to go, girl! Well done on you, as they say here in London!!
    Love you, Mom

  2. Thanks, Mom! That means a lot to me :)

  3. And I thought you looked good to begin with ubt DANG!!! I want some of that! I can't afford the P90X right now but I am unilizing my blockbuster pass to help me find the best videos (I find that most exercise videos are wayyy below my level) and have been doing them. The good new is I haven't GAINED any lol! I keep saying to Daniel that I want to be like you and wear a size 2!!!!!!