Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I am loving...

California. Seriously. It is great. Last week, Matt and I went hiking several times. The first time, it was a very strenuous hike, and I didn't bring my camera, so, no pictures. Sorry! Although, it is probably for the best since I was very, very sweaty and worn out on that hike. The second hike I brought my camera. Can I just say that the wildflowers are so beautiful this time of year? I love it!!!

Here's a mountain stream that we happened upon: 

And I climbed up there :)
The trail:
Which path did we take? The left one. Although, it is actually a loop, but we didn't quite complete the whole thing that day. Maybe another day...
Beautiful flowers, in bloom everywhere on the mountain:
We climbed up to the top, and this is what we saw:
If you squint, in the background you can see the LA skyline. It was a little hazy, so Matt and I plan on making this hike on a day after it rains. Hmmm...it is supposed to rain tomorrow. Maybe we'll take a quick trip up there :)
We also got acquainted with the local wildlife while we hiked.
Yes, that is a rattlesnake, right across our path. We gave it a wide berth.

And, if you look closely, you can see the ever-present lizard, chilling in his hole. He was not concerned about us being near him. He was just enjoying the sunshine.
We had an awesome time hiking, met a friend (who we saved from the rattlesnake) and really enjoyed ourselves. I can see us doing this a whole lot more often.

On another note, I got a dresser. For free. I was complaining about the lack of storage in our closet yesterday and Matt recommended going on Craigslist to find a dresser or something. Well, as we drove down our little street, we noticed a free dresser alongside the road. So...we picked it up, brought it back, spraypainted it, and now it is in my bedroom. It is a little dresser, but it looks nice in there. NOw, if I can just be assured that there are not any more spiders inside it... ;)

Well, I'll keep you updated on our house. Hopefully we'll be closing on the 9th. Wish us luck!



  1. Looks like so much fun!
    Good luck on getting your house!
    I was out of town last week, but got your message when I got back.
    I'll call you later on this week, maybe Thursday or this weekend.
    Lookin' good chica!

  2. Thanks, Rene'! I look forward to chatting with you :)