Sunday, March 14, 2010

Our {NEW} Home

Or soon to be :) For all of you out there who don't know (and there's probably quite a few who don't. Sorry about that. This last week has been super busy and I haven't made all the phone calls that I wanted to) Matt and I have been house hunting. Yep, that's right. While our house in Virginia is in Escrow (where we basically sit around and wait for 30 days to turn ownership over to the new owners, and all the paperwork gets done) we decided to dabble. Look around a bit. See what there was out there. And, guess what. On our second excursion, we found a house that we liked. Really liked. Not the newest house on the block. But the house with the most potential. And, mainly just cosmetic fixes, that we could see (we would have to wait until the home inspector gave us his verdict [more about that later]). Anyways, we liked this house. So...we made an offer on it. The offer was made on Thursday, and we didn't want the sellers to go putting on open houses to get more offers, so we said we wanted an answer on Saturday. Well, Saturday came and went, and we didn't have an answer. Monday came, and our agent called me and said that they wanted an extension. If we didn't give it to them, our offer would be void, and we would possibly have to put in another offer. The owners are just trustees, and they live out of state. The woman who owned the house passed away, and now they are selling the house. We figured they were just dragging their feet, waiting for a better offer. We had offered $15,000 lower than asking price, which we figured they would counter with a higher number. Well, on Wednesday, we finally heard---we were getting the house. Of course there were stipulations, but there always are. So....our closing date will be April 10th. Can you believe it? I certainly can't. It doesn't quite seem real yet. Our landlords are awesome. They don't think they'll have a problem getting someone in here, and they are quite happy for us. Excited, in fact {when I say awesome, I mean REALLY awesome!}. Well, if you made it through all of that, here's what you've been waiting for: pictures.

The front of the house. There's a garage, and a circular driveway.
The living room, right when you come in. Notice the fireplace (we'll have to get it checked out if we want to use it, but I think it's cool.)
Above: The kitchen and dining area. Yes, that oven is original, and it still works! :)

There's a sunroom, that's right off the dining/kitchen:
There's three bedrooms, two bathrooms. Here's the guest bedroom.
And the guest bathroom:
And wait, what's that just to the right? Yes, that is a shower door, that leads to...
The shower, which leads to....
The other bathroom. In the master bedroom:
And then there's the third bedroom, which is a huge, long room. We'll probably use it for a media room. We're thinking: Movie Theater. What do you think?
And that's about it for the inside. I don't have pictures of the little 1/2 bath or the laundry room, or the garage for that matter. But here are some pictures of the outside:

And there it is. Our {soon to be} house. It is all happening really fast, and I hope it continues that way. We had the home inspection on Saturday, and it went as well as can be expected. Some issues: the roof on the sunroom needs fixing. The pipes are old (aka original) and need replacing. There are some safety issues, like no smoke detectors. And the garage needs a fire door. But, all in all, it is in pretty good shape. At least it is not on a slab--there's a crawl space!! We're excited about that, because it makes our job a LOT easier. AND there's an attic over the whole house! Upgrading the wiring will be so much easier :)

Well, thanks for having a peek. I'll try to keep you updated as to the progress. Our house in VA should close on the 22nd of March. And then our loan for the new house can really get rolling!



  1. That's G-R-E-A-T-! I'm SOOO happy for you guys! Having projects is a lot of fun too! I wouldn't want to move into a cookie-cutter house. This one looks great and you have more room than I would have thought. :-)
    Good luck on closing soon and having no (unforeseen) problems!

  2. Thanks, Chancy. I'm excited to get to work. Where to start, though.... :j

  3. Omigosh! Such wonderful news! And the closing date? It's my BIRTHDAY! LOL I'm so happy for you guys! And now there will be a backyard for my kids to play in when we come visit! But what's with you guys and buying houses with REALLY REALLY OLD decor???

  4. @Juri: Yeah, I know, right? Is that serously your birthday? That's the day I went to boot camp...what a special day! Now TWO good things about it, and only one bad... (the boot camp, of course). Oh, and yes, there will be plenty of room for your kids to run around and go crazy!

    And about that decor, well...I think most of the furniture is original to the house. I was thinking of asking the sellers for some of it. It is really vintage...No, seriously. Some of it is cool. And we're thinking of keeping the wallpaper. Especially in the master bath...NOT! :)

  5. i kinda like the wallpaper in the master bath.

  6. @Kate: Yeah, it is funky. Don't think we'll keep it tho...

  7. Ben says "does Alice from the Brady Bunch come with that home?"