Tuesday, March 16, 2010

On Earthquakes

So, did you hear about the earthquake this morning at 4am in LA? Well, I heard about it...at about 6am. Yeah, I slept right through it. Matt THINKS he woke up to it, heard the lamp moving or something. But, he's not sure. Nothing fell off shelves in our little place. Nothing broken. Pretty anticlimactic. I don't even think I can count it as my first earthquake, since I slept through it. Oh, well. There will be plenty more, I'm sure. I found out that our new house (see previous blog) is near a fault line. So, that might be fun...

Anyways, speaking of our house, I'm going to get an estimate on getting the piping redone for the whole house. Should be interesting to hear what they would charge. Maybe we can get the sellers to help us out on that. It shouldn't be too much, considering there IS a crawlspace. We were also going to get a camera down the sewer line to see if there was any problems. Only thing is, we found out that the house is on a septic system. We think. We're still finding out. So, I'm going to cancel the camera for now. And someone might be calling me to give an estimate on hooking up the house to sewer. Which is available.

One bright thing, though. Verizon Fios is available at the house! Yeah! No more Time Warner Cable. I'm ready to have Fios back. And the internet speed will be even faster than in Virginia.

Well, I guess I should get ready for the day. Lots to do. Who cares if I still feel like crap? I need to mail off my Virginia license application, be at the house ready for the inspectors, get the laundry done, shower, man. Big list today, huh?

Talk to you later,

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