Monday, January 31, 2011

Belize, Mayan Ruins, Part 2

Ok, so I know I've been keeping ya'll in suspense and you all are dying to know about the second Mayan site we visited. So, I'm finally back to show you some pictures of the site. Also, I'm planning on going back into the bird watching blog and updating with some cool pictures Matt took of some of the birds :) So, make sure to go back and look at that!

Our second Mayan site we saw that day was Xunantunich. This is a much larger site, located next to the border of Belize and Honduras. It is not as old as Cahal Pech, but has been excavated more fully.

Here's me, with the large tomb behind me.

And, here it is, a little closer.

View from the top.
Me and Matt, with Honduras in the background.

Matt, at the top, taking pictures.
Some nice people at the top took pictures of us :)
And, another one.
Matt and I tried out some settings on the camera to take some pictures of ourselves. Turned out all right :) This is down at the bottom again, in one of the plazas.

Well, eventually Matt will process his pictures of the Mayan tour, and I'll post them. But, you at least get to see a bit of what we saw. :)