Monday, January 31, 2011

Belize, Part 5 {Mayflower Hike}

Ok, so this video is on our hike through the Mayflower Preserve, up to the waterfall. Obviously the video was taken near the beginning of the hike, because there are no sweat stains under my arms yet. That was a tough hike! Also, since we were hiking with two young people (such as ourselves) we were kind of competing with them :) So we went REALLY quickly up the mountain. And it was rough! But, at the top of the hike was the best reward: a waterfall and clear, cool water that we could swim in.

We also got to try out the underwater features of the little camera we brought with us... a preview for our snorkeling the next day. Boy! That water was cold! In Belize, they call it "refreshing." Matt said it was probably about 70 degrees, but it might as well have been ice water :) But, it sure did feel good after that hike, for a little while, at least. And it was so clear!

Anyways, after that hike we were pretty exhausted, as you can imagine. We went back and had dinner, and slept really well. We made pretty good friends with our tour-mates: Chase and Allie. They also ended up on the snorkeling trip with us the next day. Good times!

You can tell how tired I was, huh! :P



  1. Looks like you had a great hiking trip. The water may have felt icy but I am sure it was better than a snow storm.

  2. @Belize Lifestyles: You better believe it was better than a snow storm! It was awesome. What an amazing experience :)