Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Before and After

So, several weeks ago, maybe even a couple months ago, my husband scraped our front bumper. This is what it looked like.

Well, we weren't interested in getting it fixed. I mean, it would be ridiculously expensive, and not worth it. Well, today I took it into the shop to get inspected (we have to do that every year here) and the guy was so nice! When I went to pick up the truck, he asked me "Have you gotten an estimate on the front bumper?" I said, no, because we can't afford to fix it anyways, but I'm sure it would be too much. He said, "You'd be surprised at how well carburator cleaner and WD-40 works." !! I went out and looked at it and this is what it looked like.

I'm pretty impressed. With the economy what it is, I definitely wasn't looking to have that fixed any time soon, but it looks so good now! And it passed inspection, so that is one worry off my mind. It was over due. I looked at it on Saturday and realized it was supposed to be done in August.

Ok, well I'm going to eat some lunch. I'm HUNGRY!

Talk to you later,

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