Tuesday, September 30, 2008

{Tagged} Quirks

So, two of my sisters tagged me, so I guess I've gotta do this, but I tell you this madness stops with me!!!
1. Link the person(s) that tagged you Kate Gwen

2. Mention the rules on your blog

3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours

4. Tag 6 fellow bloggers by linking them

Well, I thought and I thought and I thought that I didn't have any quirks. I'm just not a quirky person. But when I told that to my husband, he laughed, so I knew I could come up with SOMETHING.

Here's what I was thinking.

My Quirks:

  1. I always think that I will get a bad grade on an assignment, and I never do! (Ok, not never, but I usually don't.) I'll give you an example. I was so distressed over a paper I wrote for a Literature class that I didn't want to go to class to get my paper back. I had an irrational fear that the teacher was going to call me out in front of the class and say what a terrible, horrible paper I had written. I even told my fellow classmates before class that I was afraid. And then, the unthinkable (to me) happened. The teacher told the class that she never gives out 100% on a paper, but she came darn close this time. One person got a 99% on the paper, and that person turned out to be me! I don't know why I stress out so much! I guess it is just a quirk of mine.

  2. I have to have the bed made up before I go to bed. I know, I know, I'm just going to sleep in it, but I can't stand to have the bottom of the top sheet up around my knees while I sleep. I don't get restful sleep that way.

  3. I get grumpy if a room is messy. This might be related to number 2 in some way, who knows?

  4. I like to let the gas tank get down as far as it can before I fill up. Although, with gas shortages down south maybe I'll have to rethink that one (or ride my bike more).

  5. I'm a procrastinator. When a professor gives me an extra week to study, do I take advantage of it? No! I just wait until I had the exact same amount of time to study as I did the week before. *shrug I always wait until the day or night before it's due to do a homework assignment. That's just the way I do things.

  6. I like to go camping with my husband even if we are ill prepared. And I have fun doing it!.

Thanks guys, I hope you enjoyed it. A little look into my twisted existence. And as promised, I'm not going to tag anyone else! (Ok, so all my sisters that have blogs already have been tagged, :P)

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  1. Pam, I think that I have some of those same quirks, so maybe it is just genetic. Love ya little sis.