Monday, September 29, 2008

Dying to Know

I know, I know, you guys are just dying to know if the breast milk story is true. Well, I did some research, and I found this article. Apparently, the chef is not allowed to use breast milk in his recipes, because humans are "not an authorized source of milk, like cows or sheep." Also "When hospitals stockpile milk banks the mothers and their milk are always given a health check. If a mother takes drugs or smokes then you find traces in the milk. Human milk is specifically designed for babies and not to be of nutritional value for adults."
Ok, I think that is bunk. Since when does everything we eat have "nutritional value"? (Think Twinkies, guys) And really, so milk from cows "designed specifically to be of nutritional value for baby cows" is ok for us to drink? Hmmm....maybe we should rethink this. I'm not saying that I'm all for drinking human breast milk. The thought actually really creeps me out. But if others want to....
I think the guy got the idea many years ago after his wife had a baby and had leftover milk, so he used it in some of his recipes and they were delicious. So, he decided to try again. He was going to pay the women $14.50 per liter of milk, not too shabby, I would say. But it does raise ethical issues as well as the health issue. What have the women been eating? And will they sell the milk instead of giving it to their children. I mean, for $14.50 a liter, I think you could buy some formula for the kid and just sell your milk, and still have some leftover.
Anyways, just an amusing story, thought you'd get a kick out of it. The press in Switzerland went crazy over it. As you can imagine.

Ok, well, I got up early to help Matt with lunch. He's taking a financial course this week, so he's not on the ship! Yeah! He still has approximately the same hours, maybe even longer, but any day not on the ship is a good day. I think the course is probably going to be a whole week of Why You Should Reenlist. *rolling my eyes* Oh, well, maybe he'll learn something as well. Once he wades through all the propaganda.

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