Thursday, September 4, 2008

Classroom Rules [Update]

Ok, everyone. I need your help. The next assignment for my Classroom Management class is to come up with 5 classroom rules. The rules should work all the time. I shouldn't have to make exceptions or change the rules. They should help students become better citizens and create a better community. These will be for a 3rd grade classroom. Any ideas? Come on, I know you guys can help me. I don't think I want "Always raise your hand to talk" because what happens when we have a group discussion? I was thinking "Don't chew gum" but that seems kind of dumb, considering it won't make the students become better citizens. I just need some ideas. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys!


[Ok, what do I have to do, bribe you guys? I need some help here!!! I can't think of anything, and Kate's comment about scissors, while amusing, is not quite as helpful as I would like. Come on! Give me something I can work with! Don't be shy! Anything!]


  1. i don't think i am much help, because the only thing i can think of that would apply at all times is: "don't run with scissors."

  2. something about respecting other students' things. is that better?

  3. Yeah, that's better. How would it read? Be respectful? I think that might just work.

    Be Respectful of others and yourself.


  4. how about we listen with our ears and not our mouths (in other words, don't speak when someone else is speaking?)

    we got a little bit of rain on Friday, but today, Saturday, is absolutely amazingly beautiful!

    I love you too, Pam!

  5. How about a poster with something like the following:
    Eyes on the Speaker,(or Teacher,etc.)
    Ears listening to Speaker,
    Lips closed,
    Hands folded on desk or lap.
    (With a pitcure of an eye, ear, lip, and folded hands) It worked most of the time.

  6. p.s. THANKS for the cake wrecks site... :) love you.