Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First Week of School

Ok, I realize that I haven't blogged for a little while. I didn't feel too bad, since most of my siblings (ahem) were also slacking off recently (except Marie, the over-achiever ;) Anyways, I thought I'd let you know about my week. I had a really quick 10 days off from school, which was actually really nice. I didn't do a whole lot- my plan was to read a bunch of books, work on the house, and feel like I accomplished a whole bunch. Well, not so much. I read a few books: I finished "The Dragonbone Chair" by Tad Williams today (I cannot BELIEVE I haven't read that yet. But now I'm hooked and have to get the rest of the series to find out what happens). I also read "The Children of Hurin" by Christopher Tolkein (and J.R.R). That was most excellent. I've always felt guilty because I haven't been able to finish "The Silmarillion" (sp?). That book is really dry, and I've heard that it gets better, but I can't make it past the dry parts, I guess. "The Children of Hurin" is much easier to read, and is a really great story. Anyways, I didn't read near as much as I wanted to, but I probably ended up reading too much, as well. *shrug* I guess that's what happens.
So, about my classes. Let's see. They pretty much started on Monday (I have an online class that started last week, but that doesn't count). For my last semester as an undergrad, I am taking a bunch of 400 level courses. My Monday night class (from 7:10-9:50) is an African American Literature class. It should prove interesting. The only problem I have with it so far is that I have to watch a list of about 10 or 15 movies this semester, (they are required viewing) so I guess I'm going to sign up for Netflix. I don't see any other way. None of the Blockbuster's in the area carry these movies. We'll see how it works out. If nothing else, my movie repertoire will have increased by the end of the semester. I think with this class I almost have enough for a minor in African American studies. The thing is, I don't need a minor, so oh well.
Tuesday is going to be hectic. I get home on Monday nights after 10:30, and I have to get up for an 8am class on Tuesday. That's my Biology lab class, and it is down in Chesapeake. I don't know why I did that, I guess to torture myself. But on Tuesdays I also have an afternoon class at the ODU campus, Legal Aspects of Special Education. There's a lot to memorize for that class. I think it might be my most difficult class this semester.
Wednesdays I have a Classroom Management class from 4:20-7:00. Today was the first day, and we got out early. Like at 5:10. I wasn't sure what to do about dinner, because I have a class after that at 7:10, so Matt told me to get dinner here. Usually I won't have time in between to eat. At least I don't think so. But here I am with an hour to kill, and you guys are reaping the benefits. I'm in the library computer lab. After 4 semesters here, I finally discovered this lab. There's about a hundred computers. They're slow, but beggars can't be choosers.
Anyways, Thursdays I have two classes, one at 10 and one at 1. No classes on Friday. Woohoo! I have 3 day weekends every week! :) However, that classroom management class requires 70 hours in an elementary classroom, so my time off will be spend getting those hours in.

Well, enough about me, I suppose. I think this is probably long enough. I'll surf the web for a little bit, waiting for class to start. Did I mention I hate evening classes?

Talk to you guys later.


  1. Why do you torture yourself? I think it's so you can get out of riding your bike every day =)

    Love you Pam!

  2. Your schedule brings back memories of when Dad and I were going to Ricks and ISU. It seemed as if we lived at school, and didn't get to see you kids very often. But I think that I loved the challenge. We did hope for better days to come. It is a good thing for you to get your schooling over, before you start your family.

  3. Did anyone else catch that subtle prodding from Mom? Anyway Pam, good luch with this semester. I went with Chad to his one scheduled class, and it is an hour long seminar every Friday. He can go to either Idaho Falls or stay in Pocatello, so we took the trip to Idaho Falls, and while he was in the class, I took the boys for a walk on the greenbelt there at Freeman Park. That is awesome. I can honestly say that I totally dog on IF all the time, but they definitely have a cool greenbelt. I wish we has something like it here in Pocatello. So, we might be taking some trips to IF just to let the boys run around for a while every other Friday. We'll see. Anyway, good luck and stick with it. I know you can finish what you started.

  4. Ok, that is funny, because I didn't even see the "hint, hint" that Mom made to me, until Kate told me about it today. That's funny, Mom!