Wednesday, August 6, 2008


So, for those of you who don't know (I was included in this until recently) there are people who ride their bikes (tour) all over the world. Matt was just reading about one family who started out from Boise and rode to British Columbia, then down to Baja California, then through Mexico and up to Connecticut. The most amazing thing is they did this with the Mom, Dad, and two 8 year old kids. It took them just over a year to do it. Crazy, huh? I'm impressed by the ability of people. And that Matt and I are really getting serious about touring across the country. In fact, we just took a big step...We ordered out bikes at the bike shop two days ago. This is what our bikes look like. They will be the same bike, only Matt's will be much bigger, the Sojourn doesn't have a female bike. And it is probably just slightly too tall, but I think I'll manage. Hey, maybe I'll grow a couple inches in the next two years (not likely).

Anyways, as I promised, here are some pictures of our trip to False Cape State Park. For those of you not from around here (and also for those of you who are), False Cape is close to the North Carolina border. It is named because it looks just like Cape Henry, the cape that leads into the Chesapeake Bay. Well, ships would get confused and run aground because it is pretty shallow. There's even a small town that sprang up, called Wash Woods. Can you guess how it got its name? (Just click on the little x and you can see the park better. Also, you can zoom in or out, and grab the map to move north. You'll see Virginia Beach to the north.)

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Well, here is a picture of the gorgeous beach at False Cape. There was no one for miles....

And here's me on the beach...

And another one of me on the beach...

We saw a ton of these white birds along the way, I think they might be egrets or something. They were big and pretty.

And last but not least, there's me and my bike. I think this is right after my flat tire.

Well, that was our little adventure. Now, I don't want a whole bunch of people running down to False Cape and spoiling our little sanctuary. This is our little secret, right? :)


  1. I don't know, Pam. I'll have to take the boys down there...and we might just ruin your little sanctuary with all their running around!
    I can't believe we've never been there. Actually, I can. We NEVER go anywhere.
    Hey, I was able to zoom in on your map and found Donna and Benji's house. Kinda cool! :)

  2. Ok, so I was exaggerating about the sanctuary. But seriously, you should bring the boys down there sometime. Once you get them to the beach (it is a bit of a hike) they could run around for miles and you could see them, and there's no one else down there! Perfect!

  3. Hey guys,
    Re the Keen sandals:
    Yes. I can get the shoes tight with the bungee. But I don't because, for what ever reason, my toes get numb when I do. To be fair, my toes get that way when I wear my Specialized Tahoe cycling shoes too.

    Also, over 3 months of wearing these and putting 500-600 miles on them, I still stand behind that they are great cycling.

    When are you guys taking off for the trans America?

    If you don't know about it, check out for 100s of touring journals. You will be inspired!

  4. Hi eric,
    We are going to be going across the country spring of 2010, work schedules and life has declared that is when it will happen =) I (Matt) have been researching this a ton, and have spent way to much time on crazyguyuonabike =) I always want to make sure that if we invest in something or do something that we do it right, hence the asking about the sandals. Thanks for stopping by, I enjoyed your blog too!