Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Birthday Party

Ok, Kate was right, I DID speak too soon. She threw me a party last night. It was a surprise, nothing big, thank goodness. Actually, it was kind of perfect. Dinner, cake, ice cream, balloons, who could ask for more? Well, of course Matt brought his camera (the little one, not the big one) so I thought I'd share with you all. Enjoy!

Aren't the decorations cute? I asked Kate about the pink and purple when I came in the door, because I thought maybe she was feeling particularly girly, but it was really because Parker helped decorate the cake and she wanted colors to match! :)

Here's me helping Parker get into his chair. I asked him if he wanted to be buckled in, and he said, "NO!!"

Matt tried to take a picture of Parker, and he didn't smile, so I leaned in close to get a picture with him. He takes his arm and puts it around my neck and pulled me close. He managed to smile for that picture, and so did I!

Here's Preston, after dinner, and after Daddy had wiped most of the ketchup off his face. That boy will eat anything, as long as it has ketchup! (Yuck! Broccoli and ketchup? I think he just licked the ketchup off the broccoli. )

Parker kept saying, "It's my birthday. And Mimi's" (his nickname for me) so I let him help me blow out the candles. Thankfully they didn't put all 27 candles on the cake. And Kate kept up Mom's tradition, or tried to, and sang like 15 songs before I could blow out the candles (ok, only 3, but still) and the candles were melting down...

Thank you Kate, (and Matt and Ben) for a wonderful birthday party. It was perfect. And we had a lot of fun watching the boys play with the balloons after. Seriously, hours and hours of fun.

So, my plan is to go to a movie tonight with Kate and Matt and hopefully our friend Chancy. Kate's going to get Preston in bed and Benji is going to sit and watch Parker since Ben has to work. We're going to see "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2". I hope I'm not disappointed. Penny already watched it and said she cried. So I'm looking forward to that. :) Nothing like a good cry on your birthday. Especially when you realize that you're only 3 years away from 30. And seriously old. Just kidding! (That was for all my OLDER siblings, each of whom is older than 30 now. Only 3 of us left...)

Well, wish me luck on having a relaxing birthday. Matt wouldn't let me make a lunch for him this morning. I hope that means he is going to be home early. Maybe I'll go on a bike ride this morning. It seems like a good day for it.

Love you all.


  1. okay, when you put it that way: just 3 years away from 30, that does make you seem old!! just kidding. it was fun last night. it did seem perfect, i wasn't stressed or anything. so that is a plus!
    it was fun at the park this morning. thanks for coming. :) and walking home with us!

  2. you know what REALLY hurt? When I realized I was just 3 birthdays away from 40!!!!! YIKES

    This was so worth waiting all day to come home to. I'm loving all the pictures.

    So, Happy birthday, once again. =)

  3. Glad you had a Birthday Party and a movie, too!
    Glad you had some family to share the day with you.