Sunday, August 3, 2008

My poor bike...

Ok, I don't know why, but I'm really sad about my bike. It's in the shop until Thursday, and I can't ride it until then. My back hallway looks strangely empty.

Matt and I had an enjoyable weekend. He had Friday off, and so did I. We went on a ride to the Back Bay Wildlife Refuge, and then on to False Cape State Park. It was a beautiful ride, around 15 miles, and we ended up at a secluded beach with no one but ourselves. It was amazing. I got a flat tire on the way back out, but we had a spare, so there was no worry. That was a tough 15 miles. The road was gravel or dirt or sand the whole way. But we saw deer, and birds of all kinds. It was so quiet! Cars aren't allowed out there, you have to hike in or bike in. There's a shuttle bus that can run older and younger people out to False Cape, but that's it. So it was really nice and quiet. Matt took some pictures, but I can't find his memory card, so I'll post them later.

Then, Saturday (yesterday) we decided to do a 50-mile bike ride. We rode from our hours out to Dam Neck base, then all the way through the base. We were going to go back home the same way, but I had the brilliant idea to ride down to the oceanfront, take the trail through the woods, and ride home that way. We'd see how far it was, and it would be a nice ride, so I thought. Well, we were doing really well, I was getting tired, but not too bad. Then, the craziest thing happened. I ran over a stick, and it somehow hit my derailer, and broke the whole thing off. My wheel locked up, and I came to a screeching halt. Well, what were we to do? We were 3 miles from the trailhead, and the mosquitos were starting to come out. So, Matt did that gallant thing, and towed me 3 miles to the end of the trail. Yep, he towed me, he wrapped his bike chain around our bikes, and pulled me all the way back. He definitely got a good workout. And maybe he could do that all the way across country! :)

Last Thursday I had a great time at a Twilight party at Kate's. It was so much fun. We had a blast. I got to know some really nice women, and got to hang out with Kate and Chancy. The Twilight Party took the place of Scrapbooking, which me, Kate, and Chancy usually do on Thursday nights. But it was a lot of fun, that's for sure.

Today, I spent most of the day doing homework. Matt had asked me to mow the lawn, so I waited until it got cooler, and went out to mow it. We haven't really mowed the whole backyard since we took the pool down. So I did my best, and boy was it a workout. The mower kept getting clogged, and dying. After pulling that start cord about a million times, my arm is tired! But it was worth it. The yard looks so much better. And there weren't too many spiders everywhere (actually, they were all over the place, but I'm pretending I didn't see them everywhere).

Well, I should go to bed. It has been a long day. And I still have homework to do for tomorrow. I'll post pictures soon!



  1. HAPPY AUGUST! As you can see, I can't sleep. Anyway, sorry about your bike, but it'll be back soon, and better than before. =) I wish I was in as good as shape as you and Matt.... Wish I had my bike here. =) Love you!

  2. Pam, the story about the lawn reminds me of mowing the grass in the backyard in Menan. I (when I did mow it) would have to keep lifting the mower up so that it wouldn't stall because I did not like pulling the cord to start it. Maybe I only mowed it once, but I definitely remember mowing the weeds by the ditch bank and was very glad that it was not my everyday job. Maybe that's why I didn't mind house cleaning!!! Anyway, bummer about your bike. You'd better do something to keep your strength up while it's in the shop. You are awesome, little sister.