Sunday, August 17, 2008

What a difference $100 makes

Matt and I decided to spruce up our front yard. We wanted to get the most bang for our buck, and we didn't want something that was going to take a lot of work. Matt recommended getting some green bushes to fill in the area across the front of our house. We settled on some holly bushes, and they turned out great! We used pine straw for mulch (we have tons of the stuff, so it is free!). In all, we spent just $100 and I think it makes a huge difference. We had a great time working together on a project. It was a great end to a nice weekend.

Sorry I don't have any before pictures, but here are some after pics.

I didn't have too much trouble, as long as I didn't try to kneel. My left knee still hurts pretty bad, but I worked through it and it was worth it.

Matt and I also got some work done on our little bedroom. Matt had mudded and sanded, and today we got the primer coat and the first paint coat on. It looks nice. Before there were all sorts of holes in the wall and the room just looked dingy. Now it looks bright and cheerful. Much better than before!

Well, our plan is to relax tonight and take it easy. Let's see how that goes ;)


  1. Looks GREAT! I'm impressed. :) Did you get to enjoy your evening?

  2. Hey, do you want to come out here and spruce up my lawn? We are pretty boring, mostly grass, and one tree. Not much you can say for almost 10 years!!!
    By the way, do you remember how much land we had in Menan? I have a number in mind, and we'll see if we remember the same.

  3. The number I have in mind is 1.1 acres. Anyone else have a different number?

  4. Well, since no one else is answering, I really thought we only had a quarter acre. Was I wrong?

  5. The listing that Marie found for our house for sale actually lists the land at 1.5 acres. *shrug* I didn't think we had quite that much. But I do know it was more than 1 acre, at least I think I remember it being more than an acre.