Monday, February 16, 2009


So, I told Kate that I wanted her to interview me. I was curious to see what kinds of questions she wanted to know, especially since I think she knows me so well. Here they are:

How long do you hope to live?
As long as possible. Once I hit my 25th birthday, I had this feeling that I was entering the second quarter of my life. But, wouldn't it be cool if it was really the second quinter of my life (I made that word up. I guess that would mean divided into fifths, instead of fourths. Hey, its my blog, I can make up words if I want). I'm doing everything possible to make that happen. I've committed myself to eating healthy, exercising, and generally living a healthy lifestyle. :)

What is one of your talents?
Taking tests. I'm not kidding. Give me a good multiple choice test, and I guarantee that I'll do extremely well. Even the most challenging tests (which I find multiple choice tests usually pretty easy) I don't have a problem with. I'll give you an example. That Praxis II test I just took? Most people I have talked to about it say that it is a very challenging test. Well, I scored in the top 15% of all people who have ever taken the test. Seriously!

Tell me who outside of your parents has had the greatest influence on who you are today.
I would have to say Matthew Emerson. Meeting him changed my life. I'm a completely different person now. Thank goodness. I really like the person I am today. I look at the world completely differently. I think things through before I make a decision. I feel like I really CAN do anything if I put my mind to it. He believes in me, and I can't ask for anything more than that.

What time of day is your absolute favorite?
I would have to say morning, just as the world starts to wake up. I like watching the sun rise and the sky change colors. When the birds start singing to each other. There's something about the way it smells outside that is amazing. It is sometimes hard to wake up early to see it, but it is so worth it when I do.

Do you collect anything? What?
Let's see, I would have to say that I collect magnets. From all over the world. I probably have 20 or 30 magnets covering my fridge. That's pretty much the only souvenir that I bother getting when I go somewhere new. And Matt always gets me a magnet when he goes somewhere without me. I can look at my fridge and see all the places I've been. It is pretty neat.

Thanks for the great questions, Kate!!


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  1. so, do you think you can share your talent with me? :)