Monday, February 2, 2009

Snow at Mom's?

Ok, so I was checking the weather report for tomorrow, and I stumbled across this news story Crazy. I wonder if Mom is "snowed in"? I hope you're ok, Mom. I love you, and I wish some of that snow would make its way back over here to VA where we would really enjoy it!



  1. You can have some our snow here in Idaho! We have plenty to go around!!

  2. We had a great day with the beautiful snow. We watched the children running and jumping in the snow and throwing snowballs. Everyone was out walking as the buses and tubes were not running. We made a tuna casserole for the 4 office Elders for lunch. We watched TV for a bit, then went to the Chapel for email and for me to practice before FHE with the Senior Missionaries. London looks gorgeous trimmed with snow laden bushes and tree branches and with the blue sky shining above. It was a lovely day! Love from your Mom!