Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Body Bug (Bio Fit Media)

Ok, so I got an early Christmas gift from my husband (he rocks, by the way!). He got me a body bug, you know, the things they use on The Biggest Loser, that keeps track of the calories you are burning all day long. He gave it to me early, since he knew I wanted to work on my fitness goals before our trip, and it made sense to open it now and put it to good use. If nothing else, it is really fun to look at the graphs of my physical activity :) Anyways, this is just one more tool to help me reach my goal.

So, yesterday, I did spin, and boy did it about kill me! Today, I did Boot Camp, lifting weights again. I felt really good afterward. I actually had a really fantastic day today. I feel like I got a bunch of stuff done, AND I fit in a really intense workout, and my tutoring sessions went really well. Even though Christmas is coming up fast, and I have a bunch of projects to get done, I feel really optimistic about the next couple months :) Life is pretty darn good, you know? :)

Love you all.


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