Monday, April 18, 2011

Duct Tape Beach Bag

Ok, two posts, right on top of each other. I know. It must be because I'm finally on a normal schedule, or something.

Don't forget to add your Dadisms to the last post {all of you who read this and knew my dad :}

Well, I was browsing Totally Tutorials when I saw an idea for a bag made using Duct tape. Did you know that duct tape comes in a variety of colors, and even prints? Who knew. It is actually called "Duck Tape" but that drives me crazy, so I refuse to call it that ;)

Well, here's how I made this bag my own. I had to change up a little bit from the tutorial. I didn't have the clear plastic she used, and didn't feel like going out and buying some. So...I used a plastic bag from Nordstrom Rack.

 I liked the shape of it, and thought it made a good starting off place:
 I cut the bag open and laid it flat.
 I started laying down the tape. I taped the printed side, so the inside will be plain black.
 I actually ran out of tape (Yikes! that roll was $3.89, and I used the whole thing! Oh, well, it is still cheap, and I ended up with a pretty cool bag :) So I had to trim the side.

I don't have pictures of the next steps, since I needed both hands to form the bag. But, I followed Braids and Brown Boots instructions for forming the bag. I had to use the turquoise tape to seal up the sides, and form some handles. This is my almost finished bag:

I didn't like how the handles turned out. I basically wrapped the handles that were there in tape, but since the bag was no longer square, the handles didn't line up. So, I cut some strips of cardboard, wrapped them in tape, and attached the handles. Much better!

I'm thinking of adding flowers to the bag, kind of like Braids and Brown Boots did here.

Oh, and I didn't add pockets to the inside yet. I'm not sure I need them, since I'm planning on having this be a beach bag.

Moral of the story? With just a few dollars, you can make your own cute Damask bag, great for the beach, or groceries, or whatever. I would make sure those handles are on there good, though. Oh, and the duct tape comes in other patterns and colors, like zebra print. So....GO WILD!



  1. you're crazy, you know that. but in a crafty way. you should come do my laundry for me...since you have some free time on your hands! :) super cute, though. and fun! the bag...not my laundry.

  2. cute!cute!i am a follower and i think i should win one...

  3. Looks great pam! Just checking up on you, looks like you're doing good :)