Monday, April 4, 2011

Latest sewing project

Ok, so, I was reading a new blog I found called Totally Tutorials, and got this great idea for turning a pair of pants into a skirt. Today, I decided to try it. The girl on the post used a pair of her husband's jeans, but I had a pair of capris that I thought might work out.

 Beth, do these look familiar? :) Yep, these are a pair of pants I got from my sister.  I followed the directions from the blog, and viola'! A skirt!

And, here's what it looks like on: 

Sorry that the pictures aren't the greatest, but my husband is at work, so I had to take them myself. In all, I think this project took me 2 hours, start to finish. I'm really happy with it. It makes me think of many more possibilities for making new clothes from old. Matt has a pair of slacks that I might turn into a skirt....maybe a little shorter :)

What do you guys think?



  1. I like it! I used to open up a pair of jeans and insert fabric into the middle part to make a skirt... this one looks much less hippie-ish. =)

    Thanks for your help yesterday! Love ya girl.

  2. Gwen: I remember you doing that! I also remember you adding fabric down the side of a pair of pants to make them more...hippie-ish! :) I was actually thinking of you when I was making my skirt ;)

    Kate: Thanks!

  3. I loved those capris, but the skirt is cute. Maybe you should do that to the rest of the clothes I gave you.