Wednesday, April 27, 2011

T-shirt to Dress

Well, I was a little bit busy yesterday. I went to the thrift store, and spent about $10 buying some shirts. I had seen this tutorial for turning a tunic shirt into a dress, and I wanted to try my hand at it. I spent $2 for the supplies for this project ($1 each for the shirts). I couldn't quite find a tunic shirt like in the tutorial, but I shouldn't be surprised, because it is, after all, the thrift store. Here's pictures of my project:

Ok, first of all, here's the shirt. I actually kind of liked it, and would probably have kept it the way it was...those are polka dots, which I never wear.
 Step one: use seam ripper to take off the bottom of the shirt. I removed below the bottom of the band. The bottom of the shirt is going to be the bottom of the dress.
 Step two (not shown): Measure how long you want the finished dress to be, and figure out how much of the "t-shirt" or other material you need. Cut out that much material. I used a large black t-shirt, turned inside out so the logo on the shirt wouldn't show.

Step three: lay the black t-shirt material in between the top and bottom. Mark a line from the top to the bottom, giving yourself a seam allowance.
 Step four: Cut away excess. See the chalk line in the picture? That's where I decided to sew.
Step five (not shown): Sew up the sides, and then attach the top to the middle and the middle to the bottom.

And here's the finished product:

Do you like it? I had to add some darts in the back to make it fit a little better. And I'm thinking I need a belt...maybe a thick red belt...Also, I'm not sure what shoes to wear with it! I'm kind of shoe poor at the moment...

I must say, this dress is very comfortable. I think it will become my around-the-house dress. I could wear this dress all the time. Actually, the last picture was taken this morning, and I'm still wearing the dress. I wore it half the day yesterday as well :)

Ok, all in all, I think this project was fairly easy. I think next time, I'll try to get some knit material for the middle section, instead of using t-shirt cotton. The top and bottom is knit, and it might be easier to work with the same material. I'm kind of learning as I go, you know?


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  1. Very clever! Love it.

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  2. Nice job!

    I'm a follower now, hope to see you again in my blog:)


  3. Darling! I love upcycling and t-shirt dresses are the best!

  4. what a cute idea! I never would have thought of putting fabric in the middle. love it!

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