Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Second Attempt

Ok, so remember yesterday, when I said I bought two sweaters with the intention of turning them into sweater dresses? Well, I would have to say that my first attempt turned out OK, but my second attempt turned out fabulous! I'm so excited. The first one isn't that comfortable. I made it too form-fitting. This one, today... well, there's a bit more wiggle room. I started out with an XL sweater that I picked up at the thrift store. It still had the tags on it, so, score! Never been worn! :)

 See how baggy it is? Yep, that's what an XL will do for you. But I got it b/c I knew it was going to be long enough, and it was so soft!

Well, this is the finished product!
  I went a little different on the sleeves, because I had a hard time with them yesterday, so I basically just cut these ones off. I kind of like them. I think they are called "cap sleeves." Or something...

And, here's what happens to your floor when you decide to cut up a sweater. Sweater fuzz all over the place!!!

OK, so I was reading another blog and there were these adorable origami bunnies, and I just had to make one. Or two. Or three. Well, as you can see, these little guys multiply just about the same as the live ones! :P

Well, what do you think?  Like my sweater? Seriously, if I can do it, anyone can! It's just a matter of not being afraid to cut up the sweater. I mean, I spent a grand total of $6 on this sweater. So if I mess it up, who cares, right? One thing I didn't mention yesterday and I'll mention today is finishing off the seams. I'm a little afraid that the seams are going to come unraveled over time. I would HATE to have my dress fall apart, especially if I'm wearing it at the time. So...I came up with an ingenious idea. I'm going to take yarn, in approximately the same color as the sweater, and run a ....blanket stitch?...is that what it is called?....Anyways, I'm going to basically wrap the seam in yarn. That way it should hold up a little better. Unfortunately, I have every color of yarn imaginable except gray, so I'm going to have to get some tomorrow to finish this latest sweater's seams. :) I'm in the process of working on the first sweater's seams. I have about 50% done. It is pretty tedious, so I took a break and whipped up this sweater-dress instead!


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