Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Garden {Update}

Ok, so I know I promised a garden update a little while ago, and I'm sure you all are just dying to know how the garden fared after the record-high temperatures. Well, I'd have to day, "Not too shabby!" I think all my little plants survived the heat, and I'm hoping it starts to cool down a bit. *shrug* Might be asking too much, but we shall see. Well, here's a pictorial update for you. :)

First off, here's our resident lizard. I've heard lizards are good at killing and eating black widow spiders, so this little guy is MORE than welcome in my garden! He usually runs away immediately, but today he stayed still for a quick picture before he was off again to his favorite hiding place. :)

We'll go from back to front, left to right:

Parsnips-Still waiting to sprout.
Marigold-sprouted and thriving
Turnips-doing great
Broccoli-surviving. Definitely prone to disease and pests!
Early Beets-sprouted like champs! Growing quickly
Swiss Chard-only 1 plant sprouted. Might plant another, so it doesn't get lonely.
Onions-growing like crazy
Spinach-this square is doing ok. I have a few sprouts. But, not doing as well as I had hoped.
Back two: Marigolds-sprouted and growing.
Peas- Two peas sprouted and growing!
Cabbage-slowly growing
Radishes-Growing like crazy!
Carrots-slowly growing. had to thin today :(
Lettuce-doing ok. I've been thinning it out a bunch, which seems to be helping
Carrots-slowly growing. had to thin today ;(
Back two: Marigolds-sprouted and growing.
Onions-growing well. getting much taller
Peas-One pea, sprouted and growing. Two peas trying to come up. I can see them poking up!
Beets-these are not the early variety, and are slightly behind the other squares, but doing well.
Carrots-Like the other squares, had to thin today. Growing well. 
Spinach-this square isn't doing so well. Have a couple of sorry sprouts, trying to give them some love :)
Carrots-this square is doing well, thinned today.
Back two: Marigolds. Sprouted and growing.
Cabbage: Sprouted. Growing strong.
Broccoli: Sprouted. Pestered by pests, but still growing. I have high hopes for this one!
Radishes: So far the quickest to grow, and seem to be doing well. Have thinned out :)
Swiss Chard: Doing ok. Not growing as quickly as I hoped.
Lettuce: only half the square sprouted. Planted more in the other half of the square a couple days ago. We'll see.
Spinach: My spinach is not doing too well, in any of the squares. Not many sprouts, but the ones that sprouted are growing, at least.
 And the final row: Back: Parsnips-not sprouted yet.
Turnips: Doing fantastic. Growing bigger every day.
Early Beets: Doing almost as well as the ones on the other side, but not quite.
Onions: Growing tall pretty quickly. Had to thin these as well :)
 Strawberries are doing ok. I don't think they liked the heat very much. And the little pot is Basis. Hasn't really sprouted yet. Still waiting :)
 Along the back wall are: Mint, Oregano, and Chives. None have sprouted. I'm expecting sprouts within the week, though.
 And what about Matt's garden? Well, from back to front, left to right:

back two: Marigolds-sprouted
Tomato-growing taller.
Three squares of garlic: growing super quickly! I think we might have some mutant garlic or something! One plant grew about 4 inches on those hot days! I guess it liked the heat :)
 And, don't forget the poppies! Matt's been thinning them, and they are doing well. They're getting more leaves, which is a good sign.

Well, that's about it for the garden. Thanks for stopping by! I'll make sure to keep you updated on the garden, maybe a post once a week or once every two weeks. We should actually be ready to harvest some radishes pretty soon! :) Yum! Fresh radishes from the garden! :)

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  1. like i said: YOUR GARDEN IS HUGE! :) can't wait to see the harvest!