Friday, September 24, 2010

a {productive} friday

Ok, so today, I decided to try my luck down at the local thrift store, Sunland Thrift. Just to see what gems they had for me. I was looking for a clock, and this is what I found:

Here's what I ended up getting from the thrift store. Don't mind the fuzziness. It IS in focus. But, apparently, I left a honey fingerprint on my shutter....

Anyways, I got: a clock, a children's story book, and three broom/fans, that I think look like witches' brooms. :)
Then, I headed over to the dollar store, where I picked up this stuff:  A wreath, crow, and flowers and garlands. What, oh what, could I do with all this? :P

Maybe a wreath?

Let's see...hmm....

Yep! A wreath! I like how it turned out. And it only cost me $5!!
Now, what did I do with the clock? Well, I saw this awesome tutorial over on eighteen25 and decided that {I} could do that! And here it is!

I absolutely love it! Probably my favorite Halloween/Fall decoration that I've made so far :) I also have to give Flamingo Toes credit for her tutorial on crazy easy transfers she did here. I used her technique to do the webs. It was redonculously easy!

Oh, and don't forget those brooms. Well, I have some big plans, but in case I don't get around to it, I decided to do this:

That's a shadowbox we've had for forever. It has been sequestered for the season, I guess! I just stuck them in there, by the way. I'm hoping we don't get an earthquake and lose it, tho.. ;(

Well, here's my mantle for the moment. What do you think? Don't mind the broom handle in the left corner. THAT'S where that went! I've been looking for that, hehe!

Like everything in my house, it is a work in progress. But, I feel like I had a productive day today....3 projects! And I like them all! :) Only spent $21 total, but I bought other stuff in there, too :) Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I'll be posting a garden update probably tomorrow. We've got some exciting things going on!


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  1. You are a crafty gal! Thanks for sharing...

  2. do you do 'under the table and dreaming?' they have pumpkins made from brass door knobs. saw them and thought of you...